Aftercare For Body Jewelry Piercings

Aftercare For Body Jewelry Piercings

Piercing is one of the common trends found among teenagers of both genders. Other piercings such as nose/septum, nipple, belly piercings are on the rise as well. Aftercare for your Body Jewelry Piercings plays a vital role in maintaining the health of each piercing. Presently, the piercing gun method is the most widely used procedure. In order to avoid the risk of infections, it is recommended to sterilize the piercing instruments properly before the procedure. Also, make sure that piercing jewelry is sterilized as well. In most cases, your piercings will heal within eight to ten weeks. Creating a routine for yourself is vital as well. 

You can easily do this aftercare for your body jewelry piercings with these cleaning procedure listed below ;

  • Always wash your hands before touching newly pierced areas. For faster healing, it is advised to clean the piercing once per day
  • DRY your piercings by gently patting with clean, disposable paper products because cloth towels can harbor bacteria and snag on jewelry, causing injury.
  • Leave the piercings for six weeks or more, even at night. Try not to lie on the piercing for a long period of time. Removing the starter piercings too early may cause the piercings to close up.
  • Regularly wash/clean your piercings with soap and water. Carefully do this at least once a day to avoid infection. RINSE thoroughly to remove all traces of the soap from the piercing. 
  • Twist the earrings a few times daily. This will help keep the pierced holes open. Though this is not recommended.


The use of proper aftercare for your body jewelry piercings are vital. The use of saline water is one of the best piercing aftercare tips suggested by health practitioners. It prevents microbial attacks and promotes a faster healing process. The bacterial infection is a common problem affecting your piercings. The use of body shampoos without harsh chemicals is another main piercing aftercare tip. Body wash with artificial preservatives and chemicals increase the chance of inflammation and irritation on the skin surface. To promote healing, it is recommended to use herbal products devoid of dyes and perfumes. 

Maintaining cleanliness of pillow cover is an important piercing aftercare tip for your body jewelry piercings. If proper cleanliness is not maintained, it can lead to bacterial growth. Also, speak to your piercer and they can advise you of other ways to care for your new piercings. Find your next piercing or body jewelry here at Also, don't forget the most important part of owning your body jewelry is the aftercare process for your body jewelry piercings.

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